USB rechargeable Heated Neckerchief Plush Collar Scarves


Main Features

  • Keep You Cozy & Warm
    Simply put on Scarf, turn it on, and the chill is gone! The secret is the advanced Carbon Fiber Heating Channels hidden throughout the scarf that radiate warmth to keep you comfortable.

  • Heaters In The Pockets There are even heaters in the pockets too! Keeping your hands warm and toasty. Minimal Fiery Scarf is perfect for indoor use too! Create your own warm personal comfort zone without heating your entire home.

  • Unisex & Fashionable Design

  • Minimal unisex and fashionable design is made from super soft premium fleece.

  • Quick & Easy Charging
    It's GREAT for the whole family! The lightweight and rechargeable power pack gives you up to 8 hours of warmth and comfort on just a single charge! The three heat settings of the low, medium, high allow you to choose the right one for you.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kay Altenwerth

Good mittens. In themselves, warm. Plus more heating Tested mittens. At minus 20 degrees. It seems warm, but they have some kind of decision wrong. Heating goes from the inside and outside. That is, energy saving is ineffective. Current consumption from powerbanka-2, 28 amperes. And does not change. That is, there is no thermoregulation. Well, so, sewn well. In themselves, warm.

Danny Bradtke

Appears as described. Received a month and three days after purchase. Nice comfortable gloves. Though it is a child's glove, it can fit an average adult female's hand. My 14 year old loves them. Well made.