Electroporation Device


Skin Care Device Face Electroporation RF Radio Frequency Face Massager EMS Mesotherapy LED Photon Wrinkle removal

 1. Use 6 minutes a day to remove facial fine lines

2. Multiple functions: RF lifting and tightening, diminishing facial wrinkles; phototherapy skin care and beauty; EMS micro-current repair, in-depth absorb nutrition ; brightening

3. 28 days to improve the skin condition, make the body look better.

4. Red light + RF radio frequency: accelerate the cycle, rejuvenate skin and reduce wrinkles

Blue light + RF radio frequency: clear acne and clean skin, balance water and oil

Yellow light + RF radio frequency: relieve discomfort, brighten skin tone

5. Three gears: gear 1 is suitable for sensitive skin; gear 2 is suitable for normal skin; gear 3 is suitable for tolerant skin

6. Innovative ironing material type head, enlarge the area to repair the skin, save time

Technological Innovation

Hardcore Technology Hides Age
4 care modes, curved probe
new technology blessing, easy to wake up the new face

1.EMS Pulse Mode
EMS + inter-song vibration + red and blue light
Three in one firming and beautifying skin
2.Skin Tendering Mode
Intermittent vibration + warm heat + red light;
Three in-one massage soothes and brightens the skin
3 .Revitalizing Collagen Mode
EMS + long vibraion + warm + red and blue light
The effect is obvious, let the essence penetrate and import
4.Lifting Face Firming Mode
Combination of ice + blue light;
Enhance the feling of water calm the skin


l. EMs Muscle Lifting Power Microcurrent stimulates muscle movement;make skin v face curve.
2 .Frequency Conversion Vibration Technology
Helps massage the skin, makes the skin feelfirm and soft, and promotes the ciroulation of
3. 45Cconstant temperature hot compress
Helps the skin to open the pores, making it easier for theessence to penetrate to the base of the skin, while promoting facial microcirculation.
4.-3 Cold compress
lt relieves the redness of the skin after hot compress, shrinks andtightens the pores, better absorbs the ingredients in the beautyliquid, and enhances the skin's hydration.
5. LED color light care
Three kinds of color light, all-round for skin care needs.

Material: ABS
Function: Skin Rejuvenation
Function: Skin Mouisture
Function: Skin Tightening
Function: Facial Clean
Function: Dead Skin Removal
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
Working Principle: LED
Working Principle: EMS
Working Principle: Warm
Working Principle: Cold
Working Principle: Ultrasound Wave
Working Principle: Vibration Massage
Commodity Quality Certification: ce


People with the following conditions are prohibited from using it!
1.Those who have undergone facial plastic surgery or embedded surgery
2.Relevant surgeries have been performed in the near future
(such as laser skin resurfacing,chemical peeling or wound healing, etc.)3.People with skin inflammation or skin with scars, eczema, sunburn,lumps and other abnormal parts on the skin
4.Those who cannot perceive heat;
5.Patients with congenital heart disease6.Those with facial nerve disorders;7.pregnant and breastfeeding women
8.People who drink alcohol, take drugs, are over fatigued or are in poor physical condition.






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Karl Hane

Just as advertised

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ok ok

Axel Medhurst

Arrived exactly in 10 days. Właczył up, but not yet używałam.

Kaylah Bergnaum

20 days to Bulgaria. Very good quality. Thank you

Luisa Blanda

Good device. I took it for a gift. Everything came whole. Fast shipping.